Every couple who engage my services will be given a signed Service Agreement tailored to suit the Ceremony of Choice.

The following information gives the minimum guidelines for what to expect in a Service Agreement for a “usual” Marriage Ceremony. Any variables resultant of personal circumstance is not discussed here.

Marriage is a serious business and when discussing Duty of Care as a Marriage Celebrant it is my responsibility to make sure when you say “I Do” on your wedding day your marriage is legally compliant and properly solemnised.

As a Marriage Celebrant I will adhere to the professional Code of Practice governing Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants so that;

I deliver a high standard of ceremonial service for you; ensuring you recognise and understand the significance of marriage; make sure your marriage ceremony complies with current legislation; and includes the preparation and lodgement of all critical paperwork within the mandatory time frames.

Further, a Celebrant’s Duty of Care requires I be mindful of the well being of the “Bride and Groom” (or other approved reference) at all times and that I be aware of the actions of the bridal party and invited guests. To this end I am covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances.

I will therefore;

Provide initial consultation with you to help establish whether you can Legally Marry on the date of the proposed wedding;

Pre-qualify what appropriate personal documentation you will need to provide me to sight and lodge the Notice of Intent to Marry (NOIM);

Assist and instruct you with the completion of the NOIM lodging it not less than one calendar month’s notice* prior to the day of the wedding (*unless a Shortening of Time has been granted by the courts);

At completion of signing the NOIM give to you the Attorney-General’s Department approved brochure Happily Ever Before and After giving pre-marriage education and counselling and in support provide information of local pre-marriage education centres encouraging the opportunity to explore and strengthen your relationship and help plan for your future;

Meet with you to discuss your personal requirements for your Marriage Ceremony;

Provide an Information Kit designed to assist creating the ceremony of your choice with suggestions for; personal vows, poems, readings, playlists and rituals as appropriate;

Conscientiously create a marriage ceremony to reflect your wishes and e-mail any draft correspondence to you in a timely manner for proof reading, editing and feedback;

Engage in open discussion about the proposed ceremony format and content and make changes accordingly so that the ceremony will reflect your wishes;

With the exception of the legal wording, make changes to the ceremony as you instruct with final sign-off 72 hours prior to the actual date of the ceremony;

During the process of creating your ceremony reconvene together in person or over Skype should the need arise;

Conduct a Rehearsal ceremony with you present to ensure the highest degree of wellbeing is assured on the day;

Facilitate any last minute changes to the ceremony or script as a result of the Rehearsal;

Dependent upon the number of wedding guests in attendance include a PA System with microphone appropriate for the size of wedding;

Unless organised by others (eg Event Planner) include an appropriately stylish signing table with seating for at least the bride;

Unless organised by others (eg Event Planner, String Quartet, Orchestra) include the playlist over PA for the chosen Processional, Signing and Recessional choices;

At the time of the Rehearsal and usually no more than 3 days prior to the wedding complete with you present the No Legal Impediment to Marry official paperwork.

In preparation for the day of the marriage have ready one Official Certificate of Marriage, the Marriage Registry Certificate of Marriage and Form 15 Certificate of Marriage;

Officiate at your marriage ceremony with not less than two Witnesses present and guarantee the inclusion of the Monitum and the mandatory Legal Vows to ensure your marriage is solemnised and all Marriage Certificates are duly signed;

Lodge all official paperwork in a timely fashion to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Facilitate organising one Official Certificate of Marriage to be sent to you once the marriage is officially recorded by the Registry of BDM.

Generally I will;

Deliver a marriage ceremony on the day of your wedding with all due care and consideration to meet your wishes;

Dress in a style in consultation with you that is appropriate for your wedding day;

Interact with members of your bridal party and wedding guests as you deem appropriate;

Arrive not less than 20 minutes before the scheduled time of the ceremony;

Have the contact details and number(s) for the nominated bridal party member or guest who will alert me when the Bride is on Approach;

Should I be delayed attending the marraige ceremony due to accident or sudden illness make known contingency contacts for an alternative Celebrant-in-attendance to cover such an emergency;

Throughout the entire process from creation to service make myself available to you for as much guidance and assistance in answering any questions you may have.

Provide you with a Feedback form for honest evaluation, appraisal and critique.

Equally important as the choice of a frock or the threads of a suit is my duty of care to properly prepare all legal paperwork. And as you start the ultimate journey down the aisle arriving barefoot on the beach or dazzling in designer shoes I promise to effortlessly guide you through the ceremony of your wishes to ensure you are both present in the moment of the day!

ohhs and ahhs into your day.